I had a completely terrifying nightmare last night.

I haven't really had a nightmare like this one since I was a kid. I still remember one of my first ones, when I woke up in my bedroom with a guy trying to get in my window. He was pounding on it with knives and axes, but couldn't break the glass. So I ran into my parents' room and tried to shake them awake, but couldn't. They were already dead. I ran back into my bedroom only to see my window was broken, then I was grabbed from the back. Then I woke up. That's still absolutely the most scared I've ever been in my entire life. I remember that like it was yesterday, and I was probably 7 when it happened.

Anyway, last night I had a dream about Freddy Krueger of all people. I really wish my first nightmare in forever was about someone more interesting. I mean, I'm a horror fan and I don't even care about Freddy much.

It was a lot longer than my standard dream, too. I remember I was on a train and had to switch between them because I was on the run from Freddy, but the trains were suspended by a cable over some mountains, and I had to climb out of one train window and into the other, but the windows were about 8 feet apart, so I had to jump and swing on a cable to get there. It seemed like a really unsafe way to switch trains.

So the big fight was at my high school prom for some reason, where Freddy killed my date, then my father who was there with my mom and sister, cooking dinner for the prom or something. My mom and sister stood by as I killed Freddy with various kitchen knives, then fed the pieces to my dog. It was truly bizarre. Then I turned on the kitchen sink to wash my hands, but only blood flowed out of the faucet. Somehow I knew that Freddy wasn't dead yet. Then I woke up.

Man, I wish it sounded scarier than this because I woke up in a cold sweat, heart racing and unable to get back to sleep. But typing it out, that makes me look like a pussy.

Most of my "bad dreams" these days are about me grinding my teeth off. It's been a long time since I've had a nightmare, and I really wish my first one in more than a decade was about someone cooler than Freddy.

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