Nintendo Power

So, I was at my sister's tonight, and while I was there I picked up our old Nintendo and all our games. It's exciting to play games like Zelda and Contra again. Although, I remember trying for at least weeks, if not months, to beat Contra with Fabish. Tonight, I beat it in like 20 minutes or so. Have I really gotten that much more coordinated? What's the deal? I can't beat Super Mario Brothers 3 anymore. Tomorrow I'll have to try some other games and see how it works out for me.

In other news, there is no other news. I'm tired and I have a headache. And my dog chewed on my screwdriver and ruined it. It's a shame that I will never, ever, ever trust her to be by herself while I sleep or run errands or anything. I'd like to have a dog that could greet me at the door rather than need to be let out of the bathroom, but until she learns not to chew on everything in the world, the bathroom it is.

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