Nipple Agony

So, I decided that my 4 mile runs every night were getting boring, and I needed to take along my iPod to make the jog seem shorter. I threw the iPod into the breast pocket of my sweatshirt and started on my jog, confident that the iPod and its miniature hard drive would withstand the constant up-down motion of the run. And I was right. The problem is that my nipple absorbed most of the damage and is now red and raw and stings in showers. I've learned my lesson and will invest in one of those arm-band things.

Also, here's what happens when I jog. The first mile is ridiculously difficult and I feel like I want to stop. Then I push through it and my secondmile, I feel like I can go forever. By the third mile, I'm worn out and want to stop more than I wanted to out of the gate. Once I push through that, I feel like I can run forever and ever, amen. I tested that theory last night, and added about another mile or so to my routine. I felt great about it as I rounded the corner back into my driveway, but realized I maybe pushed it a little too far when I tried to climb the steps into my house and had to lift my legs with my arms to make them go up.

So I took some time out and laid on my couch watching the Real World Road Rules Challenge I had DVRed from the night before. Finally my stench overwhelmed me and I decided to take a shower. About 10 seconds into my shower, I realized that my nipple was killing me and my legs felt like they'd collapse at any given second. I decided a bath may be a better option.

Anyway, so that was my night. Monday night I missed my Challenge on account of dress-up night with Polk, Brandon, Kristi, and Jess. My $500 suit I've worn 4 times now is too big and will need to be refitted, which is an unfortunate side effect of my running of long distances. Still, the night was fun and I enjoyed winning at pool once and getting 2nd place twice, all while playing the absolute worst of anyone else competing. My martinis were excellent and cheap, and the bartender was pretty much the awesomest bartender ever.

Tonight is my running class. I can't wait.