No Kouri's last

No Kouri's last night, but instead, one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time. For some reason.

It's Fabish's week off between semesters, so he's been rarin' to go out after a long, long time of never being able to do anything. On Thursday he called to go out, but I was broke, so had to decline. To my astonishment, he offered to pay for my night out, rationalizing it that he'd put me through a few hours of hell when I lost his dog. So I accepted, and we went by Katie McButts, who unfortunately didn't take credit cards, because I would have loved hanging out there forever. Instead we headed to Sullivan's for some good beers and good conversations.

Last night I was still broke, so Fabish offered to pay for me, again. First we stopped by Mullens' new house which he had just closed on, then a whole lot of us went down to Sully's for happy hour. Sully's happy hour used to be a tradition with me and Fabish when we lived together. They had $1 generic beer pints and free chicken wings and chips and salsa. They only give you tiny little plates, but Fabish and I have learned how to stack up those wings. So anyway, me, Fabish, Mullens, Amy, Angie, and Justin stuffed ourselves silly with free food and cheap beer.

Everyone had other things to do that night except me and Mullens, so he wanted to sit on lawn chairs in his new house and drink beer. I wasn't too excited about that plan, so I wasn't disappointed when he accidently locked his keys in his house. We came back to my place and watched Comedy Central. I was in bed and asleep by 11:30. And it was a great night.

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