No more bat

No more bat stories for you today, unfortunately.

Last night I installed an air conditioner in my room. It took a bit of doing, since my window was weird. I had to "custom make" a weird wooden board so it would stay seated. After completing the job, my landlord told me to remove it. Bah.

Missy and I went out for like an hour, but then she had to go meet with her boyfriend's parents. Then I watched some TV and dreamed about meeting Bruce in less than a week now.

Which reminds me... as a trick for, I'd like to play a quick practical joke on Bruce and catch his reaction. Any ideas? It would have to take place in the span of like 15 seconds. The only idea I had was to give him a script for a movie I wanted him to star in, written my me. The script would be about 10 pages and written in crayon. But that's a lame idea. I need your help, LJers.

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