no more complainin'

Okay, okay. So my last entry was a whiney piece of crap about my lack of money. Whine, whine, whine. But let's stop whining for a second and focus on stuff that rules, namely Horror Junk. Wolfie pointed me to a couple of semi-anonymous reviews written about us, and I quote:

Delightful, engrossing and thrilling movie reviews! The two hosts are splendid in their presentation. It does seem though that they are fond of horror movies. At times I disagree with their opinion but for most part they do a good job.

Okay, one more:

If you are looking for decent and candid movie review's then watch the unbeatable Horrorjunk Show. Get a preview of all the scenes of glamour,suspense,nudity,action and experience all the fun and excitement. A boon for movies lovers.

Hey, not too shabby, huh!? I mean, they're not the most well written or thoughtful reviews, but they're positive. And they're people that watch our crap, and like it enough to write about us. It's pretty incredible when you think about it.

We'll be in Rue Morgue soon, too. Just 7 or 8 months into this podcast thing, and we've got a pile of movies sent to us for free, gotten to hang out with and interview and drink beer with celebrities, gotten fanmail (and our first piece of fan-art), got contacts (friends of the show) who actually make "real" movies... man, it's so insane how many great things are happening with our little show. And this is only the beginning, I can tell.

So no more complaining about money for at least 72 hours.

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