Not a lot

Not a lot to report on now. I drew a naked girl last night. It was Melissa again, who I drew a lot during my last class. I was doing pretty well, but I REALLY hate my teacher. Here's a conversation we had last night:

"Is it just me, or did you draw her head too big?"
"Um, I just drew a circle there. I haven't gotten there yet."
"Right, but don't you think you should fix it?"
"Yeah, I'll fix it, but I haven't gotten there yet."
"Why not?"
"Because I haven't. I've been working on other parts."
"But shouldn't the head be the right size?"
"Yes. And it will be, when I get to it."

I've taken 2 years of figure drawing classes in art school, where I had 4 or 5 different teachers trying to tell me how to draw and conform to their style for a semester at a time. After I graduated, I thought I was done with that and I could do my own style, in my own way. I guess not, and that sucks. In Chicago they had these places where you could go, pay $15, and sit in a room with 2 nude models, no teacher, and just draw. Peoria should have one of those. The closest thing we have is a strip club.

But other than my annoying teacher, it seems like everything is well and good in the world. Everyone is happy and well, and I feel better and better every day, which I didn't think was possible. And what great weather to feel as good as I feel... bright, sunny, and warm. I wore shorts for the first time today. They're kind of weird though... the front pockets velcro shut. But now I'm rambling.

Now here's a story to end my incredibly boring entry. I was getting ready this morning and shoving everything from the pants I wore yesterday into the shorts I'm wearing today. I had everything transferred except for my wallet, which weren't in the pants I wore yesterday. I ran around the apartment like an idiot looking for it, since it may have fallen out on the trip back from the shower or as I was getting ready for bed last night. Sometimes when I watch TV I take out my wallet since it's kind of uncomfortable. Anyway, I couldn't find it and was just going to go the day without it, but as I was locking Abby in her kennel, I had a brilliant idea. I checked the pants I wore on Monday, and there they were. So, I unknowingly went all day yesterday without a wallet. How did I ever manage?

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