Not much to

Not much to say today. I wrote a bunch of checks last night. My credit cards are paid off now, and all my bills for the apartment are paid. That's a good feeling. KJ stopped by for a little while.

You know what I love? I love it when a friend of a friend becomes a friend. It's awesome. It's awesome when KJ calls the apartment and talks to me for a while when I answer before asking for Fabish. And it was awesome that he just stopped by last night to hang out, and stuck around even after finding out Fabish wouldn't be there. Wolford, Brice, and Polk all used to be friends of friends. Even Steph was a girlfriend of a friend. Weird.

I also talked to a buddy of mine Brian Kelly. He's a damn computer genius, and I asked him some tips on what kind of computer to buy this weekend. He volunteered to just sit down with me, order the computer parts, and help me put them together when they arrive. What a nice fella. I built a computer right before I started college, which lasted me over 2 years. I'm a bit out of practice now though, so I'll need the help.

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