Oh another thing

Oh, another thing I wanted to mention.

We're fast approaching the 3rd anniversary of the death of Jill Zarr, who was a good friend of mine in high school and through my first year of college. She died in a horrible car accident during my second year of college. Anyway, shortly after her death, I had a few dreams about her coming back and warning me of things, or assuring me that she was okay and happy where she was. But after a month or 2, the dreams stopped.

But, I had one again last night. It was the weirdest of the bunch. It involved Jill having a crush on me while she was alive, and her warning me about the end of the world that was coming soon. The weirdest part was that she wasn't visiting me as an angel or a ghost or anything, but as a real person. Once I finally got around to asking her how she came back to life, she told me all my questions would be answered once the world ended, which at that point, was in a matter of hours. Things started flooding and catching on fire, and generally falling apart. Me, Jill, and a few close friends of mine avoided it for as long as we could, and at that point I woke up. Weird dream. I really hope she visits them more often.

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