Oh boy I

Oh boy, I tell ya what. This cool weather/rain is a welcome change from the over-100-degree weather/drought we Central-Illinoisers have been suffering from lately. And just in time to make my Air-Conditioning-Less life not so horrible miserable. This paragraph contained a lot of hyphens.

I took advantage of the nice weather with a 5 mile run last night, followed by a 3 mile walk with my dog, followed by a bladder buster night at Jimmy's. In theory, the bladder buster seemed like a lot of fun. Free beer until someone in the bar used the restroom. It started at 8 and ended whenever someone peed. I was expecting to see drunk guys guarding the bathroom door, not letting anyone in. I expected to see the first urination happen with "boos" all across the bar. I expected something out of theordinary. Come 9:30, one of the bartenders yelled out that he caught someone peeing in the parking lot and there would be no more free beer. What a cop out. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects there was no parking lot urination, but someone just got sick of giving away free beer. I expected this announcement to be followed by a huge line at the bathroom door, which also didn't happen. I didn't have to pee even in the slightest. Anyway, a night that sounded fun in theory turned out to be a tad on the disappointing side.

Other than that, I haven't been doing much. The heat wave and lack of AC forced me to spend 2 evenings in a row confined to my bedroom with the door closed and window unit running full steam. I wasn't roughing it, with my laptop, cable TV, and DVD player, but I felt a tad pathetic sitting on my bed with my dog for a few hours a night, a few nights in a row. Such is life.

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