Oh default LJ

Oh, default LJ theme, how I have missed you. I know, I left you for a short while, but now we're back together again, and forever this time. I mean it.

Blandon took me to dinner last night for drawing a picture, which was a good deal for both of us. Or at least for me. Then we saw SleepyPolk for a short while before I went home and worked on junkmachine and tim.cx.

I just worked out. My arms and legs hurt. And stomach. And fingers, because one is still tore up and one was jammed. And my chest. But my wrists are okay, for the most part.

And finally, I'm considering hanging a sign on my front door telling people who are begging for votes to do it elsewhere, as I am apolitical and a non-voter and don't give a shit about the House of Representatives. But I still love America.

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