Oh I also

Oh, I also had this really weird dream last night.

It seemed like I was at a concert. I was hanging out with Carson Daly, Kid Rock, and the late Joe C. There was one group attacking another group, and the group that was being attacked was building a wall rather than fighting back. As the people attacked, the more passive group just started building faster and faster, until they had completely surrounded themselves by this wall, and the more aggressive group left. with nothing else to watch, I left the room.

I went into an attached room in which people were preparing for a play. I looked up to the stage and saw Missy. She was wearing black lipstick, and it was obvious she was in the play I was about to watch. She came over and we made small talk. I saw some friends walk in. I didn't know these people, but knew they were friends of mine. I was ashamed to be talking to her, so I tried to leave but she wouldn't let me. Finally the play was starting, so I wished her good luck and sat down.

As she walked out on to the stage, she tripped, and I found that very funny. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone in the audience staring at me, and I kept laughing more and more. Finally Missy got me to shut up, asking me why I was mad. I explained to her that I was never mad at her, until she asked why I was mad. I threw something at her and stormed out.

I walked back into the big arena where the fighting had been going on. The more passive group was now ripping down the walls they had just built because the aggressors were gone. They were carrying on and having a good time, but they stopped when they realized I was watching them. As I left the room to go outside, I saw the aggressive group running back in.

Then I woke up to, you guessed it, a Kid Rock song on the radio. Weird, no?

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