Oh I forgot

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jaimee and I took Jack to Chuck E Cheese yesterday as well. Man, that kid is so cute it hurts. Sarah and Robert had been telling him that we were going to take him for pizza and root beer, so when we got there to pick him up, he just kept running around yelling "pizza and root beer!" During the car ride, he sang all sorts of classics, like "The Wheels on the bus", "The Alphabet Song", and "We love Fruit Snacks" (which sounds remarkably like "we love book nuts" when sung by a 2 year old). He seemed to have a good time on most of the rides we forced him on, but probably had a better time when we took him to Target to buy a toy. He kept saying "stop", making sure that Jaimee and I weren't moving, then "go", at which point we were allowed to walk again until he yelled "stop" again. That was a fun game if I ever did play one.

Pictures available on my sweet ass moblog.

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