Oh man oh

Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Day 3 of driving around dropping off my demo reel at places. I have 1 reel left, and no where else in Peoria to visit.

So, as I was dropping off my 3rd reel today, it dawned on me. I have become the guy I laughed at while working at Iona.

See, my cube was right next to the receptionist, so people were always coming in and dropping off their reels, resumes, etc. She'd call back to one of the big bosses, and they'd claim to be in a meeting so they wouldn't have to talk to whoever it was dropping off the package. It was sort of understood that they were salesmen, and the people in charge had no time to talk to salesmen.

Well, today all 3 receptionists said that the person I needed to talk to was in a meeting. I can only hope that they at least get my reel delivered to them and take a look at it. I guess in a sense I AM a salesman, and that thought is pretty scary. I never wanted to be a salesman, I always wanted to be an artist.

On the upside, I bid on a multimedia CD project. It was a big project and I bid very, very high, never intending to actually get the deal. I mean, I bid VERY high. Well, the lady in charge emailed AND called me today, all excited, and told me she mailed me a bunch of information on the CD. She's probably doing that to a few other people, but that makes me feel good. I'll make a more educated bid on the project and she'll award it to someone, hopefully me. That would be amazing if I ended up getting it.

God, I hope some money starts coming in soon.

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