Oh yeah.

I forgot something important.

Barb has been emailing me every day, asking me if I would like to get together with her. Well, I'm not particularly interested in doing anything with her. We left each other on bad terms, so why would I want to go back to that?

Well, last night I had a change of heart.

I've never had a serious relationship with a girl. And yet, I still have a lot of baggage. That's pretty scary to me. The 2 girls I've ever liked as more than friends, I now hate and want nothing to do with. I don't like that feeling at all. I just have a lot of bitterness and anger that comes when I think of these girls, and I don't want that anymore.

So, I decided that I will go out with Barb a week from yesterday. We'll eat dinner, catch up on what's going on in our lives, and as we're calling her a night I'll explain to her that I don't really ever want to hang out with her again. I just want to leave on good terms, finally. I don't want to have to avoid her when I see her in the mall, but I also don't want her being part of my life again. We can find that happy medium I think.

I plan on having the same talk with Jill/Julie.

I don't know how they'll like hearing this. They probably won't like it much at all. Hopefully they'll respect it, at least. I know Jill/Julie will, since she doesn't really want to hang out with me anyway. I'll probably have to force her to go out to dinner with me.

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