Ok, so here's the deal.

It turns out that I just really suck at blogging. I've tried and failed many times to make this a "thing", supplementing my notoriously bad memory so I can at least look back and reflect, even if the memories themselves are long gone. I've accepted my crappy blogging abilities for what they are, but nonetheless, I will keep trying to occassionally post things.

Daisy is awesome and getting awesomer every day. She just turned 9 months, and her little personality is starting to shine through. She's very determined, getting upset when she's not able to do something or get somewhere, or when someone takes away her blanket or toys. She's also just about the happiest baby you'll ever see, constantly smiling and giggling. Sometimes for no reason at all. 

I was home with her all day on Monday when our babysitter got sick, and we had such a good day together. We played, are some new foods, practiced our crawling and standing and watched some Spongebob. It's funny how in the past 9 months, our Netflix recommendations went from all zombie and slasher movies to crazy baby-type programming. The programming is so bizarre. I mean, I know it's for babies, but man is it strange stuff. It doesn't matter how strange it is to me, Daisy is totally fascinated by it. I try not to spend too much time with her in front of the TV, but when we're winding down for bed time it's perfect for her. 

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