Okay the events

Okay, the events of the weekend, from the top.

Friday I had to move even more junk into my place. Now, keep in mind that on Friday I was tired as hell from being out way too late on Thursday. Still though, I went, by myself, back to my parent's house and loaded a bunk bed/futon thing into my dad's truck. I took it to my apartment and called a friend who helped me unload. He left and I started unpacking things and putting them where they needed to be. The plan was for me and 3 friends to got to Damon's again, but plans kept being interrupted and pushed back. Finally we made it to Damon's, but it was like 7:30 and one of my friends works 3rd shift, so we had to have a kind of rushed dinner. We get back to my place, Angie makes Jello shots, I put my bed/futon thing together, Mullens falls asleep on my couch. I was asleep by 10:30, because I had to wake up at 7 the next day to let they guys in who are supposed to be putting in my shower.

So, the next day I wake up bright and early. The guys were a little late, but I let them in and went back to bed for a few hours. I drove my dad's truck back to my parent's place and showered there as the guys finished my shower. Then it was back into town to run many, many errands that go along with throwing a party. We had to buy alcohol, chips, ice, etc. etc. I have a lot of friends who don't drink, so they were going to come early before it got wild. They left as we finished setting up... moving furniture out of the way and locking up valuables.

As all parties do, this one started out kind of slow. Some people showed up at 8 or so, which was unexpected. Around 8:45, no one else had showed, and that kind of scared them. I informed them that it was rare that parties start before 9 or 9:30 and they seemed shocked. I found out later this was because they were all high schoolers. Yikes.

Slowly people started coming. But, when it rains it pours, right? Soon there were about 75 people there, in every room of my apartment at once. Pushing my way to the keg got harder and harder, that is of course until the keg got cashed. We got another one late in the night, and that one is close to empty too.

Some interesting events, though...

Jill/Julie showed up, which made me really happy. I kind of hung out with her because she didn't know anyone else there, and I knew she didn't want to be there anyway. I wanted it to be mostly painless for her. I think it was, and I hope she had a good time. I know at one point she confronted one of my friends and asked him what I thought of her. Since I was not there, this conversation is not anywhere close to verbatim, but it's what I gathered from talking to him.

Jill: So what does Tim think of me?
Mullens: I'm not sure, but he was pretty pissed at you pretty recently.
Jill: Did he say that?
Mullens: He never came out and said anything, but I think he was pretty mad.
Jill: Why?
Mullens: Well, mostly because you just don't really care about anything he does or says.
Jill: Oh....

So, that was that I guess. Jill/Julie hasn't mentioned anything about this conversation to me, but I'm looking forward to it in a weird, masochistic sort of way.

A lot of people showed up that I didn't expect to. I'm sort of half obsessed with one of Angie's roommates, and she came up and talked for me for a good 15 minutes. That had never happened between us before, so it was awesome. Infatuated... I think that's a better phrase than half obsessed. I'm infatuated with her.

So, back to the high schoolers. As was expected, they got really drunk really fast and we hanging all over everyone. There was one girl named Christina... cute girl, and a hugger, which I like. Well, she got really wasted. She was falling asleep on one of my couches and I looked over right as she puked all over the couch and herself. She started bawling and screaming and going nuts. We got her changed into one of my t-shirts, and cleaned up the mess she had made. People who are better at comforting than I am comforted her and assured her we still liked her.

In my apartment there's a place I call my 'courtyard', which is outside, and goes right up the middle of the building. There's windows all around the place, and while in the courtyard some people poked their heads out to see what was going on. We told them there was a party, free beer, and they should come down. They did, and were really cool. Unfortunately they brought along some guys who weren't cool. Not at all. There were a lot of people there, and I couldn't remember all their names. So, I started calling people things by their attributes. Like "baldy" was the guy with the shaved head, "goatee" was the guy with the goatee, etc. Well, one guy didn't like that and got all up in my face about it. I seriously thought he was kidding around, so I started coming back with these lame ass comments, like "Dude, I know a guy who can kick your ass" and "fuck you, I'm a biter"... things like that. He said something about a gang of thugs from Kewanee (another town in Illinois) kicking my ass. I laughed, because that's funny. I turned around to see a huge crowd of people forming to watch this. Long story short, he was completely and totally serious about everything that was said, and he really wanted to kick my ass. It took 2 girls to make the peace between us.

The 2 girls were the 2 girls that live in my building, and the ones we shouted to in my courtyard. On 2 separate occasions they both took me into a secluded room and talked to me. One mentioned how serious they were, and how they just intruded on her and she didn't want them around. I just listened and nodded. It's true, I give people shit because I think it's funny. It's gotten me into some trouble before, but never as serious as this. I told her that, and I told her it was my fault and that I shouldn't have let it get that far. But honestly, and I'm serious her, I thought it was all a joke.

The second girl told me I was a "funny shit" and a "sheister", who will say what it takes to get myself out of trouble. I talk more shit than I can handle, and then try to talk my way out of it. Very true, I said. Especially the funny shit part. We made amends, and both of them told me they liked me and were sorry for bringing those guys. Both of them mentioned how many cool friends I had, and how I must be a likeable guy. They said they liked me, but it would take a while for some people to get used to me. I'm pretty used to that, too.

One of my friends was being a dick to his girlfriend. I don't want to or need to get into the specifics. She got really upset and I tried to calm her down. This was very late in the evening so most everyone had cleared out. We walked around the block and I hugged her a lot. Finally I had to go back inside and yell at her boyfriend and make sure he was on the other side of the apartment so she could walk through and gather her belongings. He puked in my courtyard, then a friend of his took him home.

Well, around 4:00 am, everyone had left or passed out in various places around the apartment. I walked around, handing out blankets to everyone who needed them, then went to sleep myself. I woke up to pee at about 9:30 and most of the people who had passed out had left by this point. I was wide awake, neither drunk or hungover. Amazing to say the least. Me and the 2 remaining partiers watched a movie, then I left to get cleaning supplies, and most of the rest of the day was spent cleaning.

I was trying to get to sleep last night at about 9:15. I had gotten about 4 hours the night earlier, so I was tired. I fell asleep almost immediately, which is rare for me. Around 9:30 a party started right above my room playing shitty dance music. I couldn't stand it for long, so I left and went to sleep in a loveseat on the other end of the apartment. I slept there until 3 am. Then it was back to my real bed. My back hurts like a motherfucker today.

And that was my weekend. I hope you've enjoyed it.

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