Okay ladies in

Okay, ladies in the audience. I need some advice.

I've been totally hardcore pussying out when it comes to talking to Angie about "things". A month or 2 ago I just knew I would talk to her about it before Valentine's Day. With the big day less than a week away, I've accepted the fact that I've failed completely.

We've already had the talk where I send her flowers. So I ordered them yesterday. It cost me more than I thought flowers were worth, but they look pretty. I'm not an idiot, and I know that half the fun of getting flowers is to get them at work so all your coworkers can "oh" and "aw" over them. So they're going to her work.

But since she's expecting those, I thought I would do something fun that she didn't expect. All I could come up with was to buy some more flowers and put them on her porch and address them from her dog, with a card and everything. The card would say something about how she and I should higgity-hook-up and whatnot. It would have the added bonus of confusing her since I don't think she'd be expecting 2 presents from someone who isn't her boyfriend.

Is this a little silly for a friend to do for another friend would it be considered "nice" and "sweet" and "a good step in the process to become the boyfriend"? Or are there better ideas from the females out there?

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