Okay so first

Okay, so first things first. My grandpa's funeral went well, although got really sad when my mom made a short speech about him. It was very touching and very nice.

Now onto the job. I love it so far. My computers rock hardcore and everyone is really nice. They loaded up my first week with all sorts of meetings with all sorts of departments so I have a very vague idea of everything that goes on here. I'm sure it'll take a while before I learn all the ins and outs, IF I learn all of them. The company really takes care of the employees, makes sure they're happy, and makes sure they have what they need to get the job done. On my first day I asked for PhotoShop, a $700 software program, and ended up with a $1800 suite of Adobe products, just in case. It was pretty great, and I hear that's pretty standard here.

It's my first job in a building with elevators and a cafeteria. So that's nice. I've run into the President and CEO 2 or 3 times in random spots, and he's always really nice and remembers my name and what department I'm in. That must be a big job to know all of the 200andsomeodd employees of the company.

The human resources department made it a point to introduce me to a guy in my age range, since men here are few and far between and young men are even more spread out. I thought that was really nice.

Anyway, I'll type more later I guess. I'm actually pretty busy here at work. That's another change of pace... actually giving me something to do. Nice.

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