Okay so I'm

Okay, so I'm back from most of my chores. Mural at Sully's on Sunday, and one at Childer's on Monday. In 2 days, I will have made more than I made during a week at Iona. I need more of these mural jobs.

The class of 5 year olds was so much fun I can't even explain it. The kids were so adorable and awesome. I think the one named Abbie was totally hitting on me. 2 little twins wouldn't stop hugging my legs. They were just so excited to have someone new in the class who was doing something interesting with them. It was great fun and I really enjoyed myself, and I hope the kids did too. When it gets warmer, I may go back to do chalk drawings with them on the sidewalk.

Then I went to fill out an application at another printing place. The application process never ceases to amaze me. It's happened a couple of times now, when I'll fax my resume, they'll review it, then need me to fill out an application. Why? Everything they need to know should be on the resume, right? On this whole application, the only new information I filled out was my social security number. They had everything else. I don't know. It's just odd. Anyway, so I didn't have an interview like I was promised. I just did my application and was shuffled out the door. I hope they call back.

And now, it's time to make a couple business related phone calls, then go back to the video production place for my 2nd interview. Fun times.

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