Okay so let's

Okay, so let's recap the last couple of days.

Saturday was pretty much the nicest day in the history of the world. It was so awesome. In celebration of such a perfect day, I dug out my outdoor fireplace, raked, and burned the leaves and sticks outside. It smelled just like fall. Later, Fabish, Jenny, Angie, and Mullens came over and we started drinking beer, eating KFC, and bullshitting. Fun times. I ended up getting piss ass wasted and spent the entire day (yes, the entire day) Sunday hungover.

Monday was the weird application/interview thing, followed by heading out to my parents' house to help my dad rip apart a '67 Lemans. It was a lot of fun, actually. I got to hit things with hammers and crow bars and tear out plastic and windows and such. Good times.

Tuesday was my "tagalong" day which followed the weird application thing I had done on Monday. It was gay. Super gay and lame. Super retarded and fucked up. They sold stupid shit door to door. I had kind of guessed that it was a traveling salesman type position, but I had also figured that they set up appointments at businesses, sold this shit to them for wholesale and they'd put it on their shelves and sell it retail. No. That's not what it was. They'd go to these business and bars, pull out a bookbag, and start this sales pitch. I was embarassed for myself just standing next to them, and couldn't imagine doing it myself. I did feel bad though because on the drive home, which took about 2 hours, they asked me what I thought. I said "well, I don't think this is my thing." From then on, it was awkward silence when before we were talking about movies and music and such. Back at the office, I had the talk with the main manager guy who I told that I was less than not interested. He said something like "you're not interested in a job where you have fun walking around talking to people?" I said "Not really."

I'm not dumb. I overheard these conversations where cops were called because they were soliciting, stories about other employees of the company stealing sales, and whatever else. It seemed like a crock. Although the money wasn't terrible if you're okay with humiliating yourself.

Then today was my interview with Steph at Verizon. It went well. Not a whole lot to say about it, I guess. In half an hour, I have a phone interview which will eventually be played on the radio. Weird.

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