Okay so yesterday.

Okay, so yesterday. I woke up piss ass tired after about 4 hours of drunken sleep to go to work all freaking day. I was concentrating really hard on keeping my eyes open all day long while doing basically nothing all day at work. It sucked. I get off at 4 and go home for a few brief hours of sitting and not doing much. Then it was off to Mullens' party.

Everyone was completely and totally trashed when I got there. Crazy, insane drunk out of their minds. I figure that they'll need a ride downtown, so continuing the tradition of not letting drunk people drive, I don't drink much and prepare to take everyone down town.

Around 11, "everyone" turned out to be just me and Mullens heading down to Jimmy's to meet a whole slew of people, including Alan, Jenny, Dana, Thuy (which is only a guess at the spelling), Brynn, and some crazy drunk girl named Nicole. It was decided pretty early on that Jenny and I were the drivers because everyone else was already at least a little drunk.

After Jimmy's, it was time for Sully's. Now, I fucking hate Sully's on the weekends. I hate the music, I hate the people, I hate the crowds, I hate the prices. I just kind of stood out of the way and talked to Jenny, who was also bitter at the fact that we were at Sully's and bitter about the fact that we weren't drinking. I was okay about not drinking, since I figured 1 beer would pass me out with the whole tired thing and all. Sully's was good, though, because I ran into Aneesha Bajaj, who is one of many girls I had a crush on in high school. I knew her through Jill Zarr, who died in a car accident my 1st year in college. Since then, I've run into her a couple times and exchanged emails, but I hadn't talked to her in years. It was good to see her again. I also saw Amber, who I only vaguely remembered from the same group. I always seem to run into everyone I know at Sully's.

The rest of the group wanted to go to the Underground. I've never been there, but I'm sure I would hate it. From outside I could hear the thumpy techno shit and I was sick of yelling to talk to my friends. The $5 cover was enough for Mullens to stomp off in a drunken rage, and Jenny and I chased after him. We made plans to meet at Sullivan's at 4, so we just went early to actually talk and not yell.

Mullens stumbled around Sullivan's like a crazy drunk ass and I talked to a bunch of people I knew from grade school. Josh Barnewolt, Aaron Davis, Dave Sutton, and a few others. We also ran into Katie's bachelorette party there, who consisted of a ton of other people from grade school. Kelly Heinz, Mandy Carroll, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. My favorite was running into Jenny Edwards right as she was leaving. She was saying good bye to our entire table, and I said "bye, Jenny Edwards", and she glanced at me for half a second, gave me a weird half smile, and looked away. "Uh... Jenny Edwards?" She looked back for other second, but seemed like she was staring right through me, like I had just interrupted her entire life to say her name twice. She also seemed completely confused that I knew her name and she hadn't the foggiest idea who I was. I sat there making an expression which seemed to say "uh... why don't you remember my name?" and a few seconds later I was vindicated. "Holy shit! Tim Wasson!" Finally. I love seeing people and seeing absolutely no recognition in their eyes. It makes me feel all warm inside.

Anyway, everyone left before 4, leaving me and Jenny sitting in a booth by ourselves, Mullens stumbling around the bar, and everyone else still at the Underground.

4 came and went, so we decided to walk back to the Underground to meet the rest of the people. While standing out front, Jenny called a couple of the cell phones we knew were inside. While she was talking, a couple guys came up to us and started asking us for our phones to make a phone call. He looked directly at me and asked for Jenny's phone, which I thought was weird. I answered the only way I knew how, which was "uh... I don't know...", ya know, since it wasn't my phone and all. The guy threw a hissy fit and called me a bastard for not helping a guy who only needed a phone call. I could only say "uh, dude, it's not my phone to give. What do you want me to say?" They walked away, which was good.

Anyway, so they come out finally and suggest Steak 'n Shake. I didn't want to go. But I was the god damn driver, so we all went. Me, Alan, Brynn, Jenny, Nicole, Dana, Mullens, and Thuy. We got there at about 4:30 and stayed until the sun came out. We drove everyone back to my place where Mullens and Dana slept on my couches. But I wasn't done yet. I had to drive Jenny and Thuy back to their car, which was still at Jimmy's, because they had been driving Alan's car all around. I got home at about 6:30 and got a solid 5 hours of sleep before deciding not to sleep the day away.

So that was my big adventure yesterday. I hope you've enjoyed it.

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