old, new, good, bad, right, wrong?

Here's something I noticed this weekend that I don't really understand.

I'm the type of guy with a lot of friends. My circle is pretty big and expands a lot. Because of this, I can tolerate very little shit from people. If someone shits on me, I cut them off and stop talking to them. It's easy for me because I have a lot of people to fall back on. I don't need to be friends with people who shit on me. It's part of my weeding out process... out with the bad, in with the good. All the friends I consistently hang out with have never shit on me, and I have never shit on them. I see people who are friends with people who constantly disappoint them. That's pretty sad.

But this weekend I decided to "weed out" a friend I used to consider a very good friend. For those who are wondering, yeah, it was "Jill" or "Julie" or whatever I decided to call her but can't remember now. My obsession for the past few years. She shit on me a lot, and I grinned and bared it a lot.

I weeded her out, and almost instantly I got re-introduced to a lot of my old friends. These weren't friends who shit on me, just friends that I got separated from during my stay in Chicago, and since I've been back our schedules have been too different to meet up. I hung out with 3 people I haven't hung out with in 3 years this weekend, and it was great. I had a much better time with them than with "Julie/Jill". This only reinforces my stance.

But I just wonder how this happens... Like.. do I give off a vibe when I'm not really happy, and that discourages people from hanging out with me? I know that cutting Jill/Julie out of my life should have upset me, but all my friends said I seemed happier this weekend. Even I noticed I was less preoccupied and walked with an extra spring in my step. Does this vibe encourage more people to meet me? Cutting out the shit really helps man. I recommend it to everyone.

In other, more concrete news, the weekend was good. Friday night my best friend was throwing a party, so I showed up fashionably late... about 11:15. The keg was already cashed, so a couple of guys brought in 2 cases. They were gone in literally 30 seconds, so they gave me some money and I picked up 3 30 packs. They lasted about 10 minutes. I had to grab like 15 for my friends and our private stash. That was all I drank all night. It was still a really good party though.

I had to wake up early on Saturday, then my brother in law came over for his birthday thing at my house. We ate dinner and they left about 9. I made 1 phone call to try and make plans. I got her answering machine, so I just decided to go to sleep. I was tired.

Sunday I saw Blair Witch 2 with those aforementioned friends. It was a good time. The movie was all right, but not nearly as good as the first one.

That's about all I have to say. Don't worry, I'm sure later in the day I'll ramble some more.

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