One of the best weekends ever.

Yeah, this weekend was good, despite a tragedy with my best friend.

So, it was Friday night, and the plan was to meet at our apartment, then go to the New China Buffet and a 7:00 American Pie 2. Me, Steph, and Fabish were there, waiting for Molly, and Fabish was wrestling around with Abby as per usual when all of the sudden he screamed, clocked her in the face, and pushed her across the entire room and ran to the bathroom. I kind of laughed, since... well, it's Fabish, and pretty much everything he ever does is a joke. But since he had been in the bathroom for a little while, I decided to go back and see what was wrong. He didn't respond to many of the questions that I yelled through the bathroom wall, but finally he came out, all red and swollen, saying I needed to take him to the emergency room. Apperently Abby had scratched his eye.

I drove him in, of course, and waited in the waiting room for a couple of hours as they saw what was wrong. It was a scratch, not very long, but VERY deep. They gave him a perscription and we were on our way. He seemed okay through most of dinner, but all of the sudden his eyes and nose starting watering really bad, and we left early to go get his perscription filled.

Fabish's girlfriend came over and she took care of him for the rest of the night, while me, Steph, and Molly went to see American Pie 2 as planned. Good flick.

Saturday I took care of some things I've needed to take care of for a while. Saturday night was awesome. And I'll leave it at that.

Sunday I went out to my parents to help my dad with some car things and eat dinner. Then I watched Simpsons and Jackass with Fabish. It was a good weekend.

Fabish is walking around now with an eyepatch. He looks like a little geeky pirate. On the plus side, his relatives keep coming by to visit him and drop off food. I like Fabish's relatives (I grew up with most of them... they're kind of like my relatives too), and I like free food, so it's all working out.

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