One of these

One of these days I'll get to sleep before midnight. I swear I will.

I've been really tired, as usual, but I really think an extra 2 hours of sleep will do me good. I didn't get them last night, as planned. I also didn't sleep in my apartment. Tonight I will though. I just have to go home, do some laundry, then finish setting up my apartment. It shouldn't take too long.

This party I'm having on Saturday is getting way too big for my own good. Jill/Julie will, in fact, be there. I'm not sure that's really such a hot idea, but that's how things have worked out. I'm glad that I'm taking some priority though. I hope she doesn't mention why her other plans fell through, because that would just make me feel worse when I feel so good that she's making time for me.

Well, again, I'm actually working today, so I'm outtie to get schtuff done.

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