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One of the few moments of joy I've received from The Screen Savers of late was Good Kevin telling Bad Kevin that Bad Kevin could masturbate to a picture of Good Kevin. A few seconds of silence was interrupted by Good Kevin saying "Oh, wait, no, I meant Rasterbate!" That's good television, kids.

Also, their segment on IPTV was fascinating. Imagine a world of television made for real people, by real people. Television could be like how the internet is right now... completely unmoderated and "free". Content providers would do it because they love it, and the people who view it would do it not because it was a show that was well promoted or well produced or featured cute actors... they would watch because it was a quality show made by someone who liked what they did. We're already seeing a convergence of mainstream media with television. People who make a website get on TV (hey, look at me!), and people who are on TV have popular websites. Cartoon Network just picked up a series based on a couple of cartoons some film students threw up on a website. I hear the Homestar Runner guys are fighting off TV deals all over the place because they prefer the freedom of the 'net.

In 10 or 15 years, I suspect the government will have very little to do with what we watch/listen to/do in our own homes. The DMCA was a mistake, and I think people are realizing it. The RIAA is dying a slow death. The MPAA is following the same route the RIAA did. The result will be less and less "mainstream" content and more and more "alternative" that people actively seek out. The smart content providers will figure out a way to make a living on the content they provide... selling merchandise or being clever in asking for donations, or selling DVDs of their previous stuff. The less smart or less business minded content providers will have other jobs.

It's going to be extremely cheap and easy to create something and put it up for people to watch or listen to. The good stuff will get recognized and appreciated and the bad will eventually fade away, just as happens with websites now.

But most importantly, when IPTV comes to the masses, we will see a ton of shows that mimic "Jackass". That will be awesome (ignoring the fact that I'll probably be in my early 30's and uninterested in it by then).

In other news, the Rasterbater rules outloud, and will be responsible for my next work of art for my walls. Everyone should check it out.

Toby N. Tucker: You know who I am? Toby N. Tucker. Everyone round here call me TNT. You know why?
Bobby: Let's see... they're not very imaginative?

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