I forgot to do an update on Friday, so you get one today, even though it's so out of the ordinary.

I didn't do much on Thursday, which is probably why I didn't bother with an update.

Last night was fun though. Me and Fabish went out to a nice dinner at Long John Silver's, then I went to pick my Jeep back up and leave my dad with the Amigo. Later in the evening me and Fabish went to Gorman's and just talked about lots of things we needed to talk about. We also drank beer. I'm a beer fan, you know.

So anyhoo... Alan was having people over last night, and apparently called Angie to see if she wanted to come. Her response was "No, Tim is mad at me, so I don't think I'm invited." Exactly. Bravo, Angie.

This weekend will be spent the way last weekend was supposed to be. I will mope and snap at people who don't deserve it. Too bad I actually had to have fun last weekend, or I would have gotten this out of my system by now.

I think today I'm going to get a haircut, then go to my parent's and wax my Jeep.

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