Out of shape

Okay, okay, so I put on 20 pounds this winter and haven't really made it a top priority to get rid of it. Compared to last summer when I was eating right, running, riding my bike, and lifting weights, I'm not in nearly the shape I was either. As recently as December, I ran a 5K in 24:30, or thereabouts. Well, I just ran my first 5K of the season and came in at a depressing and frustrating 29:30. That's 5 minutes! Over just 3.1 miles! I can't believe I've undone all that healthiness of last summer.

Anyway, that may just have been the kick in the pants my exercise and eating schedule needed. After being so frustrated with my time, I've run or walked every day since. Now that my new house is mostly complete I'll have a little more time to run and lift again. I've eaten really well the past couple days, and this weekend I've made it my mission to take a trip to work on my bike to see how long it'll take, and try to do that twice a week or so.

So there's the deal. I have fond memories of last summer, with all the energy I had and how great I felt, and how well I slept at night. I need to get back there.

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