Peoria Cops on a Rampage

Yep, I got pulled over again. 3 times in 2 weeks for those counting. I got a verbal warning this time. I guess the good thing about all this pulling over is that none of it has cost me any money so far. This time it was for speeding... 52 in a 45. The cop told me he'd look like an idiot giving me a ticket, but wanted me to respect when cops were around and slow down. I thought he was being a dick. Then he quizzed me on the other warnings I've gotten recently and made sure I took care of them.

Anyway, so yesterday I spent my afternoon on Angie's boat, then showed up just a tad late to Kouri's for beer and food with the regular gang. I woke up nice and early this morning, jogged, walked my dog, replaced my cell phone, and put in my old car stereo so I'll have some tunes to listen to on my way to Chicago. I leave in a few minutes.

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