The photo to

121104_083003.jpegThe photo to the right was taken on my exciting trip to the throbbing metropolis of Heywood, Illinois. I had a meeting with a photographer down there dealing with a bunch of web-related nonsense. Whoda thunk that my full time job would land me so much side business? Anyway, the meeting went well and will probably lead to more work. The drive was boring, and reminded me of how I need to get an actual car for when I need to spend more than 15 minutes driving. The Jeep is frustrating on long trips.

After that I had lunch with Angie. I came home and saw Alan was waiting at his new house. Yes, the technicalities have been dealt with and it's mostly official. Alan and I are neighbors. Which rules hardcore. Anyway, so Alan and I chit-chatted and ran a few errands. Tonight is a low-key night, since I've been out drinking far too often, and today marked the 6th day in a row that I had to wake up early. I'm taking Monday off, burning up some more time off I'll lose if I don't use it by the end of the year.

I'm tired.

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