Picking up where we left off...

So, Christmas was awesome. I got a lot of great stuff, including an awesome jigsaw that I will put to good use, a Homer action figure, a dust buster, bunches of DVDs, some silverware, and yadda yadda yadda. I've also gone out far too often this week, but it's Christmas, and Wolford was in town, and I like to drink beer and have a good time.

On Sunday, me and Jaimee attended Polk's Sunday night party for the first time. I was feeling a bit too fat to drink beer, so I didn't. Monday, we all met at Sully's for lunch, then went to Jimmy's in the evening for some drinks. After Jimmy's, we headed downtown where everyone got completely trashed out of their minds, especially Wolford. Christmas Eve was relatively uneventful. Me and Jaimee exchanged presents, then called it a night early and I went to bed earlier than I've gone to bed in a long, long time.

Christmas morning I was woken up by a couple of men screaming at each other in the parking lot of my building. That was a good way to wake up on Christmas if you ask me. Me and Jaimee headed to my parent's to exchange presents, then left in a hurry to get to her dad's place for more present exchanging. Jaimee won some cash there, but I lost a lot of her winnings for her since I'm such a great boyfriend.

We headed home to meet a couple people at Hoops. I didn't know what to expect hanging out at a bar on Christmas night. There were more people there than I thought there would be. It was me, Alan, Jody, Wolford, Steph, and Jaimee. We had some pizza, some drinks, and called it a night around 2:30 or so, after witnessing a fight (a lame one), a homeless man getting thrown out of a bar, and some guy getting pulled over by an excessive amount of cop cars.

And now that's all over. I'm really wanting to go vegetarian soon, but events keep popping up that are stopping me from doing it. Soon enough, I'll go veg for a little while. I'm looking forward to it in a weird way.

I have a cut in the webbing between my fingers. It hurts.

That's my story.

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