Polk came over

Polk came over last night to watch the next-to-last episode of Last Comic Standing. Everyone did really well, but I still think John is gonna win it all. Maybe Gary. It'll be close. I was glad Gary told more jokes involving cookies. That's important. I did think that the overused joke was going to go to Tammy and her "witness protection" stuff.

For some reason, I had this strong Long John Silver's craving last night, so I stopped by after work to pick up the healthiest dinner I've ever had. It consisted of 3 slices of grease sitting on top of a pile of grease. It was delicious. As I was sitting in the drive through, John Zarr walked up to my door and we chatted a bit while I got my food. We half-made plans to go out to Mullens' restaurant tonight, so we'll see what happens there.

I look good in this shirt. I should wear this shirt more often.

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