This post is

This post is dedicated to Fabish, the only good friend I have left.

I pulled into my parking lot last night and saw Fabish's car there. I thought it was kind of odd, but I knew he had a key so he could take care of Abby during the day, when I wasn't there. I figured maybe he got sick of his roommates and wanted to get away, or just watch a movie or something. I walk in, and he's listening to the Pearl Jam CDs of the show we were at. I sat down and started playing with Abby, when all of the sudden he said "You don't seem very depressed to me." I said "What?" And he said "Well, I was working last night and Angie and Mullens came in for dinner. They said you were depressed and pissed off or something, so I was going to take you out to dinner and find out what was wrong. But if you're not depressed, fuck that." Well, I told him the whole story about why I was pissed at them. He paid for my dinner anyway, only because neither of us had cash and I didn't have an acceptable credit card. We ate at Garner's of course, then went back to my place and watched "Almost Famous". He also made me buy the At the Drive In CD, which is pretty good so far.

My dad bought another new car to resale. It's a '99 Isuzu Amigo or something like that. He and my mom are going on vacation next week, so I'll be driving the car all week, seeing if it runs okay, then he's going to sell it again. I'm pretty excited about driving a new car, even though I love my Jeep. The Amigo is sort of similar to my Jeep anyway. It's a convertible, with a sunroof, so it opens up pretty well.

So I'm going out to my parents tonight to do my taxes and pick up the Amigo, and leave my Jeep. It will also be a convenient way to avoid Mullens and Angie for another day.

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