Pragmatic Optimism

So, our family is going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, and in my own little way the issues we're tackling are making me ask bigger questions about life in general. 

I've always been sort of a cynical guy. I used to really assume the worst, and ask a ton of questions. These days, it's the opposite. I always assume things will work out okay for me because... well... they always have in the past. No matter how naively optimistic I can, I can't pretend that this will always be the case. 

In the face of our current issue, I've remained intensely optimistic, but to my own credit I think I've also been pretty pragmatic about what needs to be done. Sometimes the only thing you have control over is your attitude, and right now is one of those times. A positive attitude and optimistic outlook goes a long, long way in keeping yourself and everyone around you sane. When all else fails, keep that chin up and press on. Sometimes that's all you can do. 

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