Product endorsement

I'd like to devote the first paragraph or 2 of this entry to the new love of my life, the perfect cleaning product, OxiClean. You may have seen those lame ass TV commercials with the maniac who gets really excited about OxiClean making his whites whiter, and his brights brighter. He ground OxiClean into a paste and cleaned the grout on a bathroom floor. That demonstration is what made me want to buy this miracle product, which was available at my local Walgreens. The building I live in is pretty old, and the tile floor in the bathroom has about 80 years of dirt embedded in it. I followed the instructions on the container, although I did water the solution a little more than they suggested, since I had a big area to cover. I let it sit for an hour and wiped it up. The difference was remarkable. It turns out that the grout between the tiles was actually black, but the tiles are as white as white can be, for the most part. You can see the places I missed, because they're a weird yellowish brown color. Oh, but that's not all. I also used OxiClean to clean the carpet stains compliments of Abby, and on the stove to get rid of that nasty brown gunk that gets in the center of gas stoves. It's an incredible product. I recommend that everyone get a can.

So anyhoo, Fabish was waiting for me when I got home from work last night, so we were going to go to Garners for $3/lb. wing night. Well, we get there, only to find out that $3/lb. wing night is now $4/lb. wing night. How disappointing. That's like $.75 off the regular price. Its hardly worth the trouble anymore. So, last night was probably the last time we make a special effort to get to Garners on a Wednesday. Damn.

Alan had the night off, so when Fabish went home, Alan and I did some cleaning with the aforementioned OxiClean. We also decided it was time to take down the Christmas tree and rearrange some furniture. After we got bored with that, we just drank some beer and watched Little Nicki, which was not Adam Sandler's best work. Tonight I'm going to finish cleaning the apartment, including my room, if I get around to it. Which I probably won't.

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