Professor Wasson

Hey, so here's something I never thought I'd say (or type). I've accepted a part-time position at a local college to teach a class. I will have students and grade people and take attendence. It's only one evening per week, and should be more fun than it is work. With the extra money, I'll be buying a new car.

Anyway, the class is "Web Graphics 2", which is basically an introduction to Flash, which I think I'm more than capable of teaching. It's also mostly a lab class, so there will be a short instructional part at the beginning of the class followed by lab work, where I'll answer questions if they have them, but otherwise will just be sitting there. It should be fun.

And yes, a new car! I've been driving a lot lately, and as much as I love the Jeep I need something more practical. The Jeep has no storage capacity, bad gas mileage, is kind of uncomfortable, etc. etc. etc. I'm leaning towards a Jetta diesel at the moment. Hopefully I'll have something in the next few weeks. And it will be in addition to Jeepy, not replacing her.

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