I'm a guy who will always have a bunch of projects. Home improvement projects, pictures that need drawn, bikes that need sanded, webpages that need to be constructed. I've had a bunch of failures when it comes to projects made in the hopes of making it big, but also some successes thrown in the mix.

By all appearances, Horror Junk has been a moderate success. Because of that little project, I've collected a handful of dedicated fans who will post to the forums, email me, send me merchandise. I've met a bunch of celebrities, gotten free admission to horror conventions, gotten mentioned on very popular websites and other podcasts.

In other ways, Horror Junk has been a failure. It's stagnated. I was so proud of us at first for not talking much, and just freakin' DOING IT. Screw all the planning, and let's just put something up and see if it sticks. Well it stuck, but the format couldn't stick through the course of dozens of episodes. It needed to change, evolve, diversify. At the beginning, HJ was a fun project I looked forward to. At the end, it was a chore.

Well, I guess "the end" is the wrong term to use there, because its certainly not the end. With the departure of my partner and the introduction of a new partner, we can collaborate and make Horror Junk into a project I'm proud of again rather than the same 'ole episode a million times in a row. New life has been breathed into this project, and I'm so excited for the possibilities again.

Oh, and there's other projects I have planned too. I don't sit still for too long.

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