As promised...

... I will now bitch about my friends some more. Actually, just one of my friends, because he is pissing me off like you wouldn't believe.

The story starts more than a month ago. Me and Brice (the guy pissing me off) are sitting in a pizza place in the mall. He says "Oh my God, look at that girl over there". I turn around to see a girl walking to the back of the restaurant. I turn back to Brice and say "Dude, that's my cousin". He didn't believe me, but it was absolutely true.

A few days later I invite him to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. He doesn't have any family around here (he's the guy from Anchorage), so he accepted. Of course, my cousin was there. He gets a little infatuated while talking to her during dinner. Then, he won't stop obsessing about her. He kept asking me for her number, asking me to ask my parents for her number, etc. etc. Finally he used MY PHONE (read: my phone bill) to call information and get it. Still, not a big deal.

They go out once and now the boy will not stop talking about it. All the time. Every second. We can't have a conversation without bringing her up. I hate it. It's not just because it's my cousin, it's because he's obsessing. And he never refers to her by name, it's always "your cousin". I hate that too.

I've never had a problem with this kid, but everyone else I know has. I guess you can overdose, and now I have. Yesterday I had 2 messages from him on my machine. The first said "Dude, I left my backpack there, so I need to get it. I'm just going to come over." The second message said "Dude, I just rode my bike over there, and you weren't there". No shit?

I talked to him yesterday, and apparently after he got here he walked around my whole building, looking in my windows. He could tell me exactly which lights I had left on. Now, that's weird and all, but I was still happy that we were having a conversation that didn't involve my cousin. Then, finally he says "Hey, did you know your aunt died?" to which I replied "No, she didn't. Maybe Megan's aunt died, but not mine." To which he replied "Dude, your family is so fucked up". I didn't feel the need to explain to him how this was possible, and very easy to understand if he thought about it, so I simply hung up and didn't answer when he called back multiple times.

Other than that, things are good with my friends. I just need to stay away from this guy for like... a week. Then things will be good again.

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