Proof that I

Proof that I can afford the BMW of my dreams

This weekend was somewhat uneventful, but good.

Friday was the celebration of my sister's birthday which was more than a week ago. We had dinner, then I took the family out to see "The Others", which was really freaky and really good. Afterwards I just went home and watched "Planet of the Apes".

Saturday I went out to see "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" with Bryan, Bryan, Diane, and Brian. Good flick. Afterwards we went to Perkins and had a little din din.

I had to take Brian home, then I went to home and watched "Beneath the Planet of the Apes". After that I worked on getting the apartment's network set up (still not working yet, but so very close), and doing nothing in particular.

Sunday I planned on being really productive. Let's just say I wasn't as productive as I would have liked to have been. Ah well.

Tonight, I will finish the network, I swear.

5 working days left and counting...

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