Random events in a random life.

My life right now is this big long weird blur of stuff to do, which I never have enough time for.

So, last night I had made plans to eat dinner with Mullens, but then remembered I had to go help my aunt with her computer. I called Mullens from my aunt's place, explained the situation, told him to wait at Angie's, and I'd call him from home when I finished up. I finish at my aunt's place and go home. I call Mullens, who tells me he picked up everything we needed to make dinner, but just remembered he had a group project, so he was just going to drop it off, then he had to go home.

I didn't want to make and eat dinner by myself, so I called Angie, asking if she'd like to join me. She said Mullens was lying, and just didn't want to eat with me and her because they had a fight. That was pretty shady. Still, somehow, everything worked out and we all had a nice dinner, followed by watching The Princess Bride.

Now, here's the blur.

I'm selling my Camaro. Not only that, but I'm buying a Jeep. I didn't intend on doing these at the same time, though. Here's where things get sticky.

I will not sell Cammy locally. I refuse. It would kill me to see her around town, with another driver behind the wheel. I couldn't do it. Not only that, but if I drove around town with a "For Sale" sign in the back, or parked it in a parking lot, I'd get a bunch of calls from punk 16 year olds asking how fast it is. I won't sell it to them. I figured eBay would be my best bet, since anyone buying from eBay would REALLY want a Z28 like Cammy. Well, I have a guy in Ohio interested. He has a 1st, 2nd, and 4th generation Camaro and is looking for a really nice 3rd generation to complete his collection. I really want to sell Cammy to this guy, and even lowered my cost for him alone.

He was supposed to come last Sunday to pick Cammy up, but he cancelled. He said he may not make it for another couple of weeks, so I kept looking for a Jeep.

I found a great one about 200 miles away. Now I need to find a time to drive up and get it.

None of my friends can come with me. They're all busy with their classes that are starting now. My dad can't go on Wednesday, which is the day I'd really like to go. We can't go on the weekend, because that's when the guy from Ohio is coming to pick up the Camaro.

Ah, but this is all not a big deal so far. Except that now we also have to get a day this week to clean the car up. We need to put the fog lamps back on, change the oil, and take out my CD player.

So, we're doing that Thursday. I have plans on Friday. I'm probably going to have to wake up really early on Saturday so I can meet the new owner of my car. If I don't approve, I will not be selling the car. I'm very serious about this.

Which leaves the only day to go pick up my Jeep today. I'm leaving work at noon, going to meet my dad at the bank, get a loan, drive to Rockford, buy the Jeep, and drive it back.

Tomorrow I'm eating hot wings, Thursday I'm finishing up Cammy, Friday a small road trip, Saturday selling Cammy, and Sunday, crying about selling Cammy. It will be a busy week.

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