Last night I went to my art class. I was productive as per usual, but I'm getting more and more sick of my teacher. Ah well.

I got home and there was a message on my machine from Fabish, saying he was going to pick up our new dog, and he'd bring it by my place at around 11. I was tired and wanted to get to sleep, but I figured for our new dog, I'd make an exception. He got there a little ahead of schedule, and brought along the cutest little dog I've ever seen. She's an Australian Shepherd, which looks remarkably like a mutt. She's mostly all brown with dark brown spots, but he muzzle (is that the right word?) is white, and so is her chest and paws. She's absolutely adorable, but we're pretty sure she's going to grow bigger than we were told. She's very stocky, with thick legs and neck. On top of that, she's extremely furry, so she looks big, even though she's not that old. She's about 7 or 8 months. She had just been fixed, so she still had stitches and was shaved on her underside. She was also in a lot of pain, so she didn't do a lot of running and jumping. She would come when you called her, and she liked to lay with her head on my leg.

We were trying to think of names for her. Following is a list that me and Fabish ran through: Aussie, Fosters, that pink Transformer, Spiderman, Cutey McPretty, Chud, Maggie May, Sheila, Maggie McGee, Cannabis, Furry McFluff, Fluffy McFur, Stanky, Abby, Dog, Dawg, Lil Doggy Dog, Aborigine, Crocodile Dundeette, Lil Bandit, Spot, and of course, Fido. I think we have it narrowed down to Abby (short of Aborigine), or Maggie (short for Maggie McGee, also a blatant Simpsons reference). We need some outside opinions before we settle on a name. Naming her is very important, you know.

Well, Fabish's apartment doesn't allow dogs, so he was going to leave her at my place until he moved in. Unfortunately, she needs to go to the bathroom often because of the surgery, and I'm never home during the day. Fabish thought it would be best to keep the dog at his place until the stitches came out, and it was more comfortable for her to go a few hours without using the restroom. She stitches come out on Wednesday, and then I will get full control of the dog. I can't wait. I've never had a dog before.

In other news, I just paid all my bills. I got paid yesterday, and after paying all my bills, I have -$300 in my account. That's right, yours truly is in $300 of credit card debt, mostly still from Christmas. My, how it sucks to be in debt. All my money is now gone, with nothing to show for it. Well, I guess that's not exactly accurate. But still. This debt shouldn't last more than a month, but it means I have to stop looking to buy a new receiver. Poor me.

But, I did pay off one credit card, which was hanging over my head, again, because of all the presents I bought for everyone. My plan is to just stop using my Mastercard, use my other card only at gas stations, until I have no debt. Except for my Jeep loan. And my student loan. But other than that, no debt. And I've been aching to buy new toys. I can't wait.

Now that I've wasted your time with an incredibly dull post, I'll leave you to go find something more interesting.

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