Reasons I hate

Reasons I hate working in the mall:

The rock-hard stool I have to sit on with no backrest.
People always asking me where stuff is.
People always asking me what time it is.
People always asking me everything about every cellular service that has ever existed.
No surfing for porn since everyone can see what I'm doing.
Public restrooms.
The fucking mall walkers.
Old people.
No Dish Network.
11 year olds dressing like hookers.
The constant temptation to eat Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

And the number 1 reason I hate working at the mall:

The annoying lady in the kiosk next to me who always tries to strike up a conversation with someone completely uninterested (me).

Things are good. We found a car for Jaimee, which is spectacular. I wish we'd have gotten that sorted out earlier so I wouldn't have to keep waking up early, but better late than never. I also just received Friday the 13th 1-8 just in time for the news that they'd all be released in special edition format. Such is life.

I'm hungry.

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