Replacing a bad post.

Big news is percolating. Perc, perc, perc. Like a giant coffee maker, heating up, dripping its delicious goodness into the pot, just waiting patiently to be poured. But its still to early for this coffee. Just a tad.

Which sucks, because I want to get the news off my chest. I want to scream it to the world. It's all I think about anymore. Its my last thought before I drift off to sleep. Its my first thought in the morning. It's so frustrating to have to sit on it.

But, in other news, tonight is going to be awesome. It's snowy outside, and Hill and I will just be relaxing, watching some TV, drinking some beers, and.... relaxing. Something I haven't done NEARLY enough of in the past couple of weeks and I've missed it greatly.

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