The return of Jill/Julie

This is a conversation I had last night with Jill/Julie, otherwise known as Missy.

wassZ28: hey
Misdemeanor81: hey
wassZ28: what;s up?
Misdemeanor81: long time no talk
wassZ28: yep. what's new?
Misdemeanor81: not were the holidays for you?
wassZ28: pretty uneventful. they were good though.
wassZ28: yours?
Misdemeanor81: the same....but not too bad
Misdemeanor81: did you get anything good for christmas
wassZ28: i got a membership to the peoria art guild and an optimus prime transformer. those were the best
presents. i also got a lot of clothes.
wassZ28: how did you make out?
Misdemeanor81: not too bad..i got this kick-ass coat that i really like
Misdemeanor81: and some other stuff
Misdemeanor81: my sister got a DVD player
wassZ28: i bought myself a coat, because my old one sucks.
Misdemeanor81: i'm sure you have all the girls panting
wassZ28: yeah, but that's old news.
Misdemeanor81: so i haven't called you b/c i thought you were mad at me
wassZ28: why would i be mad?
Misdemeanor81: i dunno b/c i didn't come to your party
Misdemeanor81: and then i didn't hear from you so i thought you were mad
wassZ28: you didn't hear from me because it was you who broke the plans. i'm not going to keep calling if you never accept and follow through. at some point it's your responsibility to call me. i was just waiting around.
Misdemeanor81: so you were mad?
wassZ28: how can i be mad at someone i don't talk to? i wish you would have called me, yeah. i wish you would have made more of an effort to meet steph. you know that was important to me.
Misdemeanor81: kate was here for like 2 weeks and when she's here i don't talk to anyone
Misdemeanor81: plus i seriously have been working a lot
Misdemeanor81: not that you need excuses but i'm going to give them to you anyway
wassZ28: i'm not asking for excuses. whatever your priorities are, that's fine. i'm not saying they're wrong,
but that's exactly why i don't call. if i'm never the priority, i'll wait til you schedule me in. just don't be too surprised if i'm not here when you're ready for me.
Misdemeanor81: you sound like you're mad
wassZ28: i'm really not mad though. seriously.
Misdemeanor81: truthfully i just figured you'd be mad so i didn't call...not really wanting to deal with it
wassZ28: i'm not mad. i understand why you don't want to call. i won't call you because i know you don't really want to do anything with me. the only thing i can do without being annoying is sit here and wait. that's what i've been doing.
wassZ28: you know the only thing that makes me mad is avoiding me.
Misdemeanor81: well, humph
Misdemeanor81: i don't really know what do about this
wassZ28: i just told you what we're doing. i'm waiting. you're either calling or not calling. whatever.
Misdemeanor81: well i'm sorry
wassZ28: you don't have anything to be sorry about.
Misdemeanor81: i always feel like i should be sorry about something
wassZ28: well, that's you. i could send you on a guilt trip if i wanted, but that would just get you upset. i
don't want you to NOT call, but i also don't want a pity call.
Misdemeanor81: i guess i just feel that nothing is ever simple between least not for're
obviously not pleased with the fact that i didn't call now i feel like things aren't all right
wassZ28: missy, i'm trying my best to make this as simple and easy as possible. i'm nothing but apathetic about the situation. i'm not upset. you call me when you want to hang out. until then, we won't be hanging out. that's very easy.
Misdemeanor81: k
wassZ28: that's it?
Misdemeanor81: did you want me say more?
wassZ28: is that all you wanted to say?
Misdemeanor81: i wasn't planning on saying more
wassZ28: okay. well, i'm leaving. see ya later.
Misdemeanor81: i seem to talk myself into a corner when we have the
Misdemeanor81: whoa
Misdemeanor81: whoa
Misdemeanor81: hold on
wassZ28: okay..
Misdemeanor81: i thought you wanted to know if i was going to say more about that conv.
Misdemeanor81: i don't have anything else to say about that particular topic
wassZ28: you said you weren't planning on it. i don't want to force you to say things.
Misdemeanor81: we can still talk if you'd like
Misdemeanor81: i thought you were talking about that topic
wassZ28: what would you like to talk about?
Misdemeanor81: why don't you pick, since i picked the last topic?
Misdemeanor81: regretfully, i might add
wassZ28: no, actually i'm going to take off.
Misdemeanor81: why?
wassZ28: because i don't think we have a lot to say to eachother after that. now i feel like you're talking to
me because you have a responsibility too. that's not a good feeling.
Misdemeanor81: okay whatever....i actually wanted to talk to you....but if you'd like to leave, feel free...i
don't want to force you talk to me now
wassZ28: this isn't a guilt trip, although i'm sure you'll think it is, but if you actually wanted to talk to
me you would have sent me a message just now or called me sometime during your break.
Misdemeanor81: i was reading my email and wasn't looking at my buddy list...and despite what you might think, that's not a lie
Misdemeanor81: i've already why i didn't call you
wassZ28: okay, so if you want to do the talking, choose a topic.

We make some small talk after that, but it was all very cheeseball. She asked what I was doing this weekend and wanted to know if I wanted to rent a movie or something. I told her I may have plans but didn't know what they were. She wasn't pleased by my answer. I don't know why she expects me to keep going out of my way for her when she's done nothing but shit on me. Ah well.

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