Return of the Spammers and other nonsense

Okay. It's been a while since I've posted, and even though I've been insanely busy nothing I've been up to would be even remotely interesting to read. So I'll just touch on the few things going on that are the least-not-interesting.

First up, I've been insanely busy with a part-time gig I picked up. Its more website development stuff, so I've found my current life consisting of web development at work, then go home to develop more websites, then go to sleep. But it's good extra money, and I'll have another announcement related to that soon.

And I've been droppin' the weight again. Sort of. It does feel good to be getting lighter and having my clothes fit looser, again. This is a feeling I've gotten used to throughout the years as I gain and lose 20-30 pounds about every other year or so. The thing I've never gotten used to, however, are the plateaus that come with the weight loss, and one again, they're frustrating me. But I'll work through it.

Big Apple announcement coming up soon! My guess is the same as everyone else's.... no idea, but I'll go ahead and say "sub-notebook" because that's what everyone is saying.

AND, I'm getting spam on the blog again! I defeated it for a while, but its back with a vengeance. Now it's all Russian, and has weird characters. For now its fun and exciting, but soon I'll be in a frothing rage about it.

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