Rock Island Trail

I finally found the opening of the Rock Island Trail off Pioneer Parkway, and here it is. It was a great little bike ride I took down the trail, but the best part was the tunnel that went under the highway. Check it out:

The tunnel was pitch black except for some tiny little lights lining the sides, and it must have been 20 degrees cooler inside the tunnel than outside. I want to ride the whole trail again just to go through that stupid tunnel.

On my way home, however, I hit a curb or nail or something and my back tire was instantly flat. I could have slung it over my shoulder and walked home I guess, but 2 miles in the heat like that with a bike on my back seemed like it would have sucked. Instead I just wussed out and called a buddy to pick me up.

Still, the Rock Island Trail is a great ride and once my bike is up and running again, I really want to take one of those super-long trips down the trail. I did it a couple years ago and have very fond memories of it.

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