I've been pounding out the finishing touches pretty hard here lately, adding improved RSS support, integrated now with the moblog. Not yet with the photo gallery, but I've got an idea on how to get that working too.

I think at some point, I'm just going to have to call this project a day. I keep getting great ideas on how to improve it and fun little administration options. But at this pace, the project will never be "finished" or "distributed" or anything. Anyway.

So the latest additions are the aforementioned RSS feed, as well as nearly-totally-integrated commenting. The current system uses fairly heavy spam filtering, UNLESS you're a registered user, in which case you can post whatever you want. If this doesn't eliminate spam, I'm going to have to integrate one of those annoying "type the words from the image to the right" tests. In fact, maybe I'll just do that anyway for the non-registered types. I'm sick of the spammy nonsense.

Anyway, so then I've just got to integrate the same commenting system site-wide and call this project a day (oh, and some smaller stuff, like basic pagination on the archives. Oh, and an archive index page). Once I start distributing it around to others, I can keep tweaking the hell out of my personal site without really touching the source I distribute. I just want to contribute to the open source the way I've leeched off it in the past. And distributing the source was always my intention, so I'm going to finish this blasted project and distribute! So that's the story.

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