Run, Forrest, Run!

So my legs are killing me today. I've actually taken the elevator a couple of times today, which never happens. Hitting the clutch in my car is a painful experience, leading me to not shift often enough. And why, you ask, are my legs so painfully sore? Because of the Turkey Trot.

Billed as the hardest 4 miles in Central Illinois, the Turkey Trot attracts only idiots like yours truly who are interested in torturing themselves for no good reason. I only wanted to beat last year's time, which I did by almost 2 minutes.

The Turkey Trot is a 4 mile run consisting of 1.5 miles up a very steep incline, another 1.5 down that same incline, and 1 mile of cross country. It attracts mostly very solid runners which is why, despite my pretty decentish time, I was still near the back of the pack. I was extremely happy with my time until I saw that a 72 year old lady finished only about a minute after  I did. That was kind of frustrating.

Anyhoo, the race left me exhausted the rest of the day yesterday and in pain the entire day today. And next year, I'll do it all again.

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