secret weekend

I kicked off my secret weekend by totally nerding out for the majority of the day on Friday. I bought a new huge hard drive for my computer and got it up and running and transferred all my junk from my old drives onto it. In the process, I found a bunch of stuff from my college and high school days that has been transferred from computer to computer and hard drive to hard drive for many years that I thought was gone forever, including pictures of Jack's first birthday and many from when I lived down by Bradley. I also found funny and/or depressing IM conversations I decided to save for some reason from back when I actually used to use IM. The plan for now is to get all the crap off my laptop and try to install OSX86 on it. We'll see how that works out.

Anyway, that night Angie and I took in an episode or 2 of Lost and some Jackass reruns.

Saturday was the Jingle Bell Run where I came in at 8 and a half minute miles. Not too bad, but I was off my goal by a tad. I'm blaming it on the cold weather, the icy path, and the fact that both my shoelaces came untied during the race. The rest of the day was spent doing secret activities I can't discuss here.

Sunday was more of the same secret stuff. While I can't say exactly what it is that I'm doing on those days, I can tell you that its going very well. How's that for cryptic?

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