In short last

In short, last night kicked ass.

Originally everyone was gonna show up really early, like 6, get wasted, then go to the bars. Well, because of the snow and because everyone we were dealing with was a stupid girl it took forever to get ready. Everyone arrived at about 8:30 or 9, and much drinking commenced. Everyone brought beer. EVERYONE. It's pretty much all still in my fridge, because despite bringing beer, all the girls opted to drink hard liquor. Fine with me... they left the beer in my fridge, so it's mine now.

The girls played "I've Never", which is a stupid drinking game. You sit in a circle and one person says "I've never...." and they complete the sentence with something they HAVE done. Then everyone who has done that had to drink. Me and Mullens were going to play, but we never got to drink. Ever. Stupid girls. "I've never had sex during my period", "I've never given or received oral sex from a boy", and "I've never slept with 2 guys in a night" didn't get me very drunk. I was afraid to drink because the girls would laugh, and I'm fragile.

By 12:30 everyone was out of my apartment except one girl. She just loved jamming her tongue down my throat, and she did it quite a bit. I puked at about 1, then decided it was time to go to bed shortly afterward. She followed me into my bedroom, which was fine with me. I told her that nothing was going to be happening that night. She argued a little, but finally said okay. We made out a little bit, but pretty much nothing else happened. She fell asleep and so did I. I woke up at about 5am and she wasn't there anymore, so I went looking for her. My apartment was locked from the inside, so I knew she was there. After a brief search I found her sleeping in my closet in the game room. I threw a blanket on her and went back to bed. Last night was my chance to be a "real guy" and I missed it. Damn.

This morning I found puke on my carpet. Lots of it. I know it wasn't there when I went to bed. It's not a big deal or anything, I like cleaning up puke beer. I don't have much of a hangover today, surprisingly enough. I'm just really tired and have a horrible headache. I took my ritualistic beer shit at work. I hate shitting in public restrooms, but I hate feeling that uncomfortable all day too. So, it was big and smelly and that was that. I may leave work at noon and go home to sleep, but unfortunately I have a lot of work to get done here.

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